Combining integrations or beeminding from multiple sources.

Other than using something like IFTT or Zapier, is there any way to combine integrations? For example have a Garmin integration and a Runkeeper integration both work on the same Beeminder goal?

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Nope, not as yet. If enough folks ‘like’ your post, then multiple-source integrations will creep up the priority list.

If you do create 3 goals to support this use case, I’d set the Garmin and Runkeeper ones to have pretty flat slopes, and feed their datapoints into the ‘real’ goal with its more challenging slope.

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I’ll have to look up how to have meta goals. I have seen that discussed around, but I haven’t had a chance to screw with it.

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You need for meta goals, I believe. I had a similar use case recently. I set up an “Exercise” meta goal, that aggregates progress towards my Runkeeper goal and a manually tracked “Workouts” goal.

The only complication is that my goals had different units, so I had to make Exercise a custom goal to aggregate them correctly.