Feature Ideas

I thought I’d start a thread where we can put small ideas we’ve had for things we’d like to see in I suggest posting just one idea per message so that likes and links will unambiguously point to a single suggestion. I guess that if any are popular enough, they could be copied into a github issue for eventual implementation.

I’m not sure how well this topic will work - it might be too chaotic if the ideas prompt a lot of discussion. The alternative is one topic per idea but that might make the forum more cluttered. Anyway, we can give it a whirl and if it fails horribly we can delete it and Never Speak Of It Again. :smile:

"Send to email" link

I’d like to see a link similar to “Add to GCal” that formats a commitment’s data into an email, since many online task managers give you an email address you can send to to have tasks added to your todo list. The text of the commitment could be the subject, and the other details could be in the body; that would work well enough for the task apps I’m familiar with.

An initial version could just start a new email in the user’s default email app/site with the subject and body in place, and the user could fill in the email address themself. A later iteration could have the email address stored in the user’s account for slightly more convenience (if accounts with customisation are added).