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Common place to store the Beeminder auth_token locally

I propose the following keychain entry for macOS:

security add-generic-password \
  -l 'auth_token' \
  -a 'your beeminder username' \
  -s '' \
  -j 'auth_token for use of the Beeminder API' \ #
  -w 'here_goes_your_auth_token' \

to be retrieved again with:

security find-generic-password \
  -l 'auth_token' \
  -a 'your beeminder username' \
  -s '' \

which will write it to stdout.


This looks like a good approach!

In my projects, I generally need more config than just the Beeminder auth token, which I store in a YAML file, which may or may not be stored in the repo, depending on whether or not I foresee making the repository public.