Custom dashboard focused on "How much do I still need to do today"

A while ago I realized that a big reason I’m such an edge-skater is that I treated beemergencies as daily todo list and ignored any goal that isn’t at least orange. So I started experimenting with a custom dashboard that puts the focus on “How much do I still need to do today to maintain my safety buffer”.

Although it hasn’t completely gotten me off my edge-skating ways my urgency load has noticeably decreased. So I thought it might be of interest to others.

The left progress bar for each goal shows how much I still need to do today to maintain my safety buffer. The right bar shows how much I would need to do reach an 8 day safety buffer today (if I have a 7 day safety buffer it’s hidden because just doing the daily rate would be enough).

You can try it for yourself here

I’ve only tested it with ‘do more’ and ‘odometer’ goals so please let me know if you get any weird results.


Nice work, I like local and global focus of two lines.

I was thinking if they could be just one line, sort of bar chart, similar to a power bar or a battery indicator :low_battery:

Each day is filled based on your urgency load (buffer in days).

In this sketch you have two goals, goal 1 has to be done today or you derail. Second goal has two days of buffer. In my mind the chart can go up to how many days you want. Also, there could be an indicator of your todays starting point (you have 5 safe days, now you have 4).


I would like to implement The Beeminder Grid one day; this is the same as the above, but you squeeze all bars together and remove legend. On tap, you can see a goal name and datapoints needed to bump. They should animate. You should strive to have it all as a green wall.


I have changed the design a bit, taking inspiration from skorytnicki’s ideas. Now the days are indicated and the safety buffer that was acquired before today is shown in dark blue.


I was playing with the idea of the grid, looks promising. It could be a tower, not a grid in fact


do less goals maybe should not be added, I don’t understand what it’s telling me

I also don’t understand what these others are telling me:

Is the value shown how much i need to do to get caught up with an 8 day buffer?
the one empty line, I have no idea. But it’s set with the Beescheduler, with 1 on Sunday and 0 every other day


HI ieahleen, thank you for the feedback. I have pushed a new version addressing the points you’ve raised.

  • do less goals are hidden now (I might show them again if I figure out how to do so in a helpful way)
  • the value shown is either how much you need to do today to maintain your safety buffer[1] or, if you’ve done that, how much you need to do to reach the akrasia horizon AKA a 8 day safety buffer. I’ve added some text to that effect.
  • the empty line for the ‘calendial’ goal is probably because my software inferred a rate of 0 leading to a divide by zero error. This should be fixed now.
  • I’ve also fixed the display error of the labels being slightly to high and way more fractional digits being shown than necessary.

Please let me know if any weirdness remains or you have other thoughts on how things could be improved.

[1] the actual number shown will be an overestimate when your rate today is less than your general rate or the maximum rate on any of the next 7 days.