derailing messes up all scheduled breaks

Whenever I derail on a goal and then say it was not legitimate, all scheduled breaks get shifted around a few days. There is no warning. For example, on a weekend or on vacation, I have been surprised by office bee-goal deadlines.

I’ve reported several instances to Support, with no fix. Maybe this is a better place?

Maybe this has to do with selling the weekends-off plan?


I highly doubt this is in the interest of selling weekends off, since, at least as far as retroratcheting goes, weekends off makes things worse, and I suspect the two issues may be related.


Can you elaborate on this?

I’ve never known to not help folks fix the damage caused by these bugs. As in, I would expect them to fix your goals even if the bugs will never be fixed.


Thanks for highlighting it here! Anyone particularly irked by this should heart @tjb’s post. Without even lifting the bonnet I can confirm that it’s (probably) tied up with the whole ratchet/weekend/breaks implementation.

We’ve had discussions about implementing ‘true breaks’ rather than just rate changes in the road, which should help when they become reality.

As @drtall says, emailing support should get your roads fixed, as well as highlighting that it’s a pain.

PS: obviously, not derailing in the first place should by your first fix… :grin:


That would be good to have if only so that the history of rate changes is not filled with endless rows of zeros plus the weekday rate

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Eek, just to check – do you just mean we haven’t fixed the underlying problem? Or do you mean we missed fixing up the graph? The former is a longer-term problem, but the latter we would aim to do where necessary.


Unfortunately, both. I had to re-enter all the breaks myself each time.

The fourth time was the last straw. Archive and false data for the wait. No more weekdays-only goals for now.

Okay, well, I can’t do anything about the prioritisation of fixing the underlying problem, but on the support side this sounds unlike the ideal situation, so I’m going to look into this and figure out whether we misunderstood something or whether a specific person (possibly even myself :flushed:) is doing something wrong. Thanks for bringing it up!