Any timeline on weekends and scheduled breaks?

Are these coming soon/basically never/some time but we don’t know when/another?


I’m finding I increasingly need this if my tagtime based beeminder habits are to be sustainable (described in this post). I really like this way of working but it creates a completely unmanageable situation for me in terms of controling what days I have off from work.

I tried using @mary’s scheduling panel. It worked OK (it wasn’t quite what I wanted but was still a lot better than not having it!) but then I ran straight into the problem that breaks as currently conceived of interact really badly with retroratcheting. I use retroratcheting a lot, which means that there’s not actually anything usable I can do with the current situation other than bug support every time I inevitably screw it up.

Additional context: I’d be happy to write code around this (most wouldn’t) but every time I look at the documentation for the generalized road dial I basically feel overwhelming despair and confusion. I like to think I’m pretty good at this software development thing, but this feels like such a massive yak shave that I really can’t bring myself to go through the amount of debugging and inferring intent that trying to use the generalized road dial right now would involve (kudos to @mary for being a stronger person than I am in this regard!). This is doubly true given the problem with retroratcheting mentioned above - I’d not only have to get my code to schedule breaks, I’d also have to get it to detect that I’ve retroratcheted and do its best to undo the complete mess it’s made of my timeline.

PS. I’m aware this post is quite whiny/grumpy. I couldn’t come up with a phrasing that didn’t come off that way. Please take it as “This is the pain I am currently experiencing” rather than blame.


Highly valuable feedback and nudging! Bee and I have both longer-term (but still well within 2016) plans to do this right via a road editor and shorter-term plans to hack something up for weekends off. The interaction with ratcheting is a can of worms though…

Let me leave it at that for now but just to reemphasize that this is high priority, both from the perspective of getting something working for normal users and making it possible via the API without being overwhelming (which it absolutely is right now).


What is @mary’s scheduling panel? (searching forums for various iterations of chipmanaged, schedule/scheduling, and panel didn’t find anything for me)

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It’s part of MCM-Dashboard - dayoffscheduler.php


derp…didn’t think to check github for some reason. Thanks!