Don't bother with TeraTime

So I thought ok if the Beeminder iOS app fails to provide an adequate stopwatch (recently it decided to not list half of my goals even), why not look for one on my Mac. The internet provided. And I ended up with something called TeraTime. 5 star reviews, free, on the Mac App Store. So I installed it. And it’s a piece of trash :stuck_out_tongue:

Just thought I’d save someone here the trouble. I mean realistically speaking nobody is going to read this who is also gonna try that app but here goes:

Once you go past 60 minutes, it shows “1 Hr” in addition to your time. That’s cute but it also keeps going past 60 minutes. So eventually you read something like 1 Hr 90:20 and then some numbers for the 1/100s and 1/10s. Which btw you can not turn off so they will constantly update in your face and your peripheral vision because let’s face it you are going to move that stopwatch into the corner of your screen.

But that’s not even the worst. Not only might it trick you into reading it like 1 hr and 90 minutes have passed (while in truth only 90 minutes have passed), no! Once it goes past 99:59 it shows 00:00. That’s right. I now ended up with “1Hr 10:17”. Which intuitively reads as “110 minutes and 17 seconds have passed”.

Just avoid it. It’s junk.

I mean seriously how hard can it be to make one decent stopwatch app that doesn’t suck.

oh it get’s even better: Now that it turned to 1Hr 11:00 it does not actually show that but it shows… guess what… 1Hr 111:00.

I can’t even.

(which is of course not 1 hour and 111 minutes but just 111 minutes. Duh)

And it crashed. Seriously. How. Hard. Can. It. Be.

I tried it and the bug is that when the minutes is a 3-digit number it drops the last digit most of the time. So “123m 45s” shows as “12m 45s” (while also indicating in the corner that more than 2 hours has elapsed).

A deal-breaker bug for TeraTime I suppose, but this is off-topic.

The part that’s super on-topic is beemiOS bug reports. I gather that most others aren’t having these troubles which makes debugging hard but spelling out each bug you encounter will help us a lot!

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I went ahead and tried the new cool „submit the screenshot that you just took of that app that you are beta testing to the developer“ feature of iOS 13 (it also lets you add an email and a description) so @Andy_Brett should have more stuff to work with :slight_smile:

Which brings me to: there is a lot of channels to report beemios bugs. There is:

  • this forum
  • Beeminder Support
  • the Beemios is open source forum thread where Andy asked for bug reports
  • the github issue tracker
  • Andy himself (mail and I suppose forum dms but @Andy_Brett does not seem to be a forum person. Hi Andy!)
  • the Apple share beta feedback (admittedly just for the beta)
  • the discord for Beemium users
  • not anymore: the chat on the website

Do you have a preference? If you pour all these into github issues anyway I might just as well create those directly.

BTW this is how the iOS feature looks like:

Ah, @Andy_Brett is some dummy account created from an ancient import from Akratics Anonymous or something. The real Andy is @apb!

I’d say the preference order is something like

  1. Github issue tracker, provided it has the steps to reproduce etc
  2. This forum, in a separate thread in #bugabee
  3. Apple beta feedback/support if there’s anything sensitive about the report or if it’s easier
  4. Everything else