feature request: change goal colour for 7+ days of buffer

just a quick feature request: i would love to see goals with 7 or more days of buffer be a different colour yet again to the 3+ day green. maybe a darker shade of green? (or have 3-6 days be a darker shade of green and 7+ be the now current regular green?)

why? because i strongly believe that it would be easier for my brain to aim for “greenmost colour buffer” rather than having to check the number of days … i cannot be sure of course, but i do believe that an additional colour would be more motivating. right now i’m happy to aim just for “green amounts of buffer” on my goals, but that means goals with 4 or 5 days of buffer get easily ignored or turn orange again … or it means i constantly fluctuate between blue and green because there’s less incentive for me to go up further (because the colour stays the same and urgency load is not an intuitive metric and not at all useful when just looking at one goal at a time).



I have advocated for this change in the past! I know it’s been given serious consideration but has not been implemented, which I have taken to mean that Danny and Bethany have decided it isn’t in line with Beeminder’s philosophy or would somehow make Beeminder less effective.


Oh! Yes, this is actually already the case for the graphs themselves (we call them grayson dots) but it’s subtle and the rest of the UI is still not implementing it. Excessive detail here: Grayson dots (actually forest green) for 7+ safe days (aka akrasia horizon immunity) · Issue #111 · beeminder/road · GitHub

Thanks so much for bringing this up (and especially to @grayson for getting us partway there!).


:heart_eyes: wow, am I ever honored!


oh, interesting, i hadn’t realised that! crossing my fingers for grayson dots to spread out to grayson squares, as well ;) (around the goals and widgets, etc.)


bumping this thread because i just thought about it again :see_no_evil:

I like this idea, too! 7 days is a ‘special’ number in Beeminder after all!