Feature request - Days on track

When you derail you receive an email with number of datapoints and how many days you have been on track. I would love to see how many days I’ve been on track next to my goal without having to calculate it myself.

If I missed this feature somewhere than I’m sorry! If I didn’t, than I think that would be a nice feature to be added.



Not exactly the same thing, still, in the pledges page https://www.beeminder.com/pledges you have the “since” column with the last derailment

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This seems to be a good thread to ask what do we mean by ’days on track’ in this context? What’s the most valuable number to see?

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I think, especially for long-term goals, that ‘days on track’ might be how many days have you been on track since the last derailment (or since you started). What do you think about this?