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Feature Request: More prominent link to Help

Suggested Feature Change: More prominent link to Help Docs

I had a good bit of confusion starting off, and I think I figured out why. My confusion and initial difficulties stemmed partly from an overload of information from the less structured info of the blog, forum, and FAQ. I’m not sure if mine was a one off situation, but the following might help.

  1. Feature the Help Docs pages more prominently on the main page. Put a link to Help at the top of the page and/or in the drop down hamburger menu.

  2. There should be a link directly to the help pages from within the app’s hamburger menu.

  3. Consider adding help “?” icons directly into the functional parts of the system. For example, a “?” icon off to the right side of the graph, taking one to the graph help doc.

  4. Consider rolling many of the help-type FAQ items into the help docs. It seems like the FAQ has grown and grown to almost mirror the Help Docs, and I think I confused the FAQ as being a primary source of Help. But it’s too unstructured to be really effective as a primary help resource. FYI, this seems to be a common issue with FAQ’s, see for example this Google search the problem with faq.

  5. Are there any planned out, concise YouTube videos with just a view of the app, functional parts of website, graph editor, etc, and someone walking through it? If not, I suggest you create some, possibly integrate with the help sections.