Feature request: mute bot for today

I “like to” skate the edge of my YBR and while I really like the beeminder mail bot there is a point where I really want it to just be quiet. But just for this day.
Basically I am asking for a “I know I know I’m on it! You can be quiet now. Go bugger me again tomorrow or right before the deadline” that we can text the bot so it knows what’s up.
After all, the mails’ purpose is to alert of the eep-ness and once this is achieved I fear that future alerts contribute more to ignoring the bot.
I sometimes end up skating the YBR so hard that even logging my datapoints right away will not get the bot to shut up until shortly before the deadline.


Is this something that people want? Or do the bot reminders (even though they are on the task already) serve them as a constant reminder to stay focussed on the task at hand? Or do they not bother people? Opinions!

Either way the more I think about this the more I get conflicted.

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Definitely want this feature, or something like it! It’s related to the Uncle Button feature idea which I think is really important: Zeno reminders on do-less goals and generalizing the "Uncle!" button