Feature Request: Set target weight or weight loss rate before goal creation

I messed up my parameters the first time I created my weight loss goal. I didn’t want the extra safety buffer so I deleted and recreated the goal. It would’ve been nice to be able to play with the parameters and see how the graph looks before creating the goal.


Or even after.
I think you should be able to adjust the road as much as you like on the first day.


If the Akrasia Horizon doesn’t take effect immediately, is that the Akrasia Horizon Horizon?


Absolutely it’d be nice to see the impact on our graphs before committing to changes.

In terms of messing up the parameters in general, it’s really hard to know how a goal is going to work for you until you’ve lived with it for a while. That is, I can get the parameters exactly right for what I intended to the graph to do, only to discover that it was exactly the wrong intention…


I suspect it may be technologically easier to preview changes to your graph
once graph generation is in the browser.