Get a Pavlok shock using Beeminder SMS and Apple Shortcuts

  1. Have an iPhone, and a Pavlok, and the Shortcuts app, and the Pavlok app.
  2. Set up SMS reminders for Beeminder.
  3. Add Beeminder as a contact.
  4. Open Shortcuts.
  5. Create a new Automation.
  6. As a trigger, use Message → Sender = [Beeminder in your contacts], Message contains “Beemergency” or “:alarm_clock::fire::exclamation: +” (depending on whether you want a shock at the first reminder or the reminders leading up to the deadline).
  7. New Blank Automation.
  8. Search actions for “Zap.” Set your Zap strength.
  9. Save.
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You can add some more if you don’t want to be zapped during a focus mode. Right now, this only works if you don’t usually have a focus mode on during the day.

Instead of step 8 above, add this sequence to the shortcut:
Get Current Focus.
If Current Focus does not have any value
Trigger N% Zap
Otherwise [blank]
End If.

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