Getting a handle on my soda/coffee consumption

Hi folks!

This is one I’ve been rolling around in my head for a while. I’m looking for any input from folks–but then again, as I wrote this, it clarified most everything for me and maybe this post is just more procrastination.

I drink more soda than I want to, and I drink more coffee than I want to.

How would you recommend I track this? I suspect I will start with tracking ounces of soda and ounces of coffee, and do a pair of “do less” goals, but there’s some holes there. I would probably add “coffeeless days” and “sodaless days” as I progress.

For coffee, I would rather that a latte doesn’t count as much as black coffee, but I’m worried that handling that would be too navelgazy.


(Insight: The worst weasling is not even starting because you’re worried you haven’t weaselproofed it yet.

I typically have solved this for myself by adding a Beeminder as soon as I think of it. I make it extremely easy, to get myself in the habit of entering data, and make a deadline of ~1 month to figure out the “rules” of the goal. This works for my meatbag brain, but might not work for yours.)


Soda to one side, that’s a brilliant approach. Also consistent with our notion of ‘should’.


As for soda-less days, I think this may be done through recasting the data from the original goal to another do-less goal with “non-zero” aggmethod. And then setting the rate on this second goal to anything less than 7…


Definitely will do IFTTT + non-zero aggday for the sodaless/coffeeless
days. I absolutely love that method!

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