Getting back on the no-sugar wagon, and other goals

I started using Beeminder a little while ago, with my main goal being to quit sugar. This was a ‘do more’ goal where I had to add +1 each day I did not have sugar, with 6 units required each week.

This worked well for about three months, and I added more and more goals like keeping a budget, journalling, reading…

It felt like I’d finally found something that worked to keep me on track and align myself towards my goals, a massive confidence boost.

Then I got covid and was stuck inside for a week self-isolating. My state of mind took a massive dive and I fell off all my goals pretty much all at once, eventually cancelling all of them due to feeling overwhelmed.

I’m starting this thread to help commit myself to re-make some goals and get back on track. Starting with no-sugar, from Monday, then adding more, like reading, and programming.


I’ve fallen off the beeminder wagon a couple times with far less justification, so I know you’ll be able to get back on track. Good luck!