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GTBee for Android?


TL;DR — the app’s countdown is correct.

Even having grown up with AM/PM, I find it confusing at the margins. The wikipedia page has a convenient translation table.

On reading it, I discovered the source of my confusion: 12 stands in for 0, so the sequence is 11:00 PM, 12:00 AM (midnight), 1:00 AM, and similarly around noon. It seems that this system of counting time pre-dates the discovery of zero by the western world.

I’ve long thought that we should use noon and midnight rather than numeric times in our interfaces, side-stepping the issue in the name of clarity. But I guess that wouldn’t solve the ambiguity of 12:30 AM, which is indeed in the middle of the night.

(I’ve set most of my goals to end at 11:59 PM, because that is harder for me to get confused about…)


I’ve been using GTBee for Android for a bit now. The application is pretty useful in principle. The execution is pretty descent, too.

Apparent bug. Most entries have something like “Jan. \n 9 8:00 PM” on the left. But some have “8:00 \n 8:00 PM”. The day seems to be missing.

What happens if don’t do a task? Would I get a “What happened” e-mail, like when I derail on Beeminder? Am I off the hook after that or is the task automatically rescheduled? In settings I can choose a “starting penalty for new tasks”. To me, “starting” implies that there is some mechanism that increases the penalty. How does that work?

I think it’s a very useful piece of software and it would be a shame if it weren’t published properly.

Some features I would like: 24hr format. Red, orange, blue and green color codes like in beeminder. A widget. Possibly the option to add unscheduled items.


It’s got rather more sting than an ordinary Beeminder goal, and much less automation.

Judging by GTBee for iOS I’d say that you get charged when the timer expires, with no takebacks, though you do get an email notifying you that the charge happened.

In the iOS app, recommitting to the task is entirely manual, as is setting the new deadline.


Any hope to get bugs fixed? It’s still a very nice and useful app, such a pity it is abandoned. Also, I am afraid that sooner or later with an OS update it will stop working.