So because I can’t use beeminder, I want to try GTBee for a while.

Is it possible to get a list of the todo’s that I’ve already marked complete / canceled?

(trying to read didn’t help)


The GTBee database and server are actually completely separate from the Beeminder one, so the Beeminder API wouldn’t be able to return those for you. However, that’s a great feature request to add into GTBee! There’s another thing I’d like to add soon, zeno polling for reminding you about tasks as they come due, so while I’m in there it might make sense to add this too.


damn okay good/bad news thingy. Was already trying to curl my way into this.

I’m actually quite liking gtbee. Maybe early but what’s the ETA for the feature request :slight_smile: ?


Both this and zeno polling turned out to be pretty easy so I’m uploading a new build to Apple now, it should be out in the next couple days.


Update: it’s now in the store.


Update done. How do I get the list to work?


Unfortunately it can only show tasks completed since the update, so if you want to test it you can add a task and mark it as complete. Let me know if that’s not working right!


Tried it 3 times after the update was installed, with test / 5 min, test123 / x hours and with an actual task that I completed after an hour. it’s not showing me anything done or completed. (I used the green V and not the red X )


That… sounds like a bug! So the completed tab is just completely blank?


So i just installed another update… it works. Halleluja


I just submitted my first GTBee todo with a sting of $1000 and I see this on my screen: $-311

not sure if bug or feature, please advise


Well you could try letting the timer expire and see if we send you $311… :smiley:

I’m seeing that too now. Looks like an integer overflow! I’ll put another version up shortly.


This is now in the store, thanks again! Version 1.4.1


Hey Andy, you mentioned zeno polling above. What’s the default schedule, and is there a way to customize it? I don’t see any app settings other than “background app refresh.”


The default schedule is to remind you when there’s 24 hours to go, and then 12, 6, 2, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 10 minutes, and 5 minutes. There’s no way to customize it right now, but it would be possible to add this as a feature if there’s enough demand or a use case for it!


That schedule works great for me. I’ll let you know if I end up with a need for something else, as a data point. Thanks!


Hmmm… GTBee didn’t send me any notifications when my goal hit 24 hrs (it’s at just under 18 to go now). I don’t see an entry for it under the iPhone Settings > Notifications. Should it be there? (I’m guessing the answer is yes.)


Yep, I believe it should show up there… do you recall if you ever were prompted to allow notifications?

Edit: when I reinstall the app I don’t get prompted, so that’s definitely a bug! I’ll put out a fix.


Please post here when the fix is out. I just got stung without any notifications, so I’m going to wait to use again until notifications are working.


A task badge would be nice too.