guide - automatically stepping down your goals with n8n

I have made a n8n workflow that steps down my goals automatically if they are >5$ and no stepdown is scheduled.

n8n is a self-hosted no-code thing that’s pretty nice to glue multiple APIs together, or, well, just one API, in this case :smiley:

Here’s how it looks:

Small guide to stepping down your goals automatically with Beeminder

  1. Get your hands on an n8n instance. There are tons of different ways of running n8n, for each different user types. Personally. I’m too lazy to create a personal instance, so I’m using my company’s one :sweat_smile:
  2. Import this workflow
  3. Edit the workflow with your own username by editing each HTTP node’s URL (replace “clouedoc” with your Beeminder username)
  4. Edit the credentials used by the HTTP node to be yours (it needs to be a “query parameter” credential, with name auth_token and value the thing from this URL)
  5. Make sure to save the workflow and toggle it as active (toggle in upper-right corner)
  6. Done! It’ll check every 4 hours if there are goals that should get stepped down automatically.

side-note on decluterring

I’m doing this as a part of my declutter goal. I removed tons of Beeminder goals and reduced the rate; reducing the pledges was one of the next steps I needed to make my life less “cluttered” :slightly_smiling_face:. I’ll probably put some goals on whitelist since it’ll make sense to have high pledges with them :eyes: but I want to have a fresh start.