Has Beeminder helped you realize you don't actually want to do something?

Wondering if anyone’s had the experience of beeminding something, not doing it, and then realizing they don’t actually want to do it. Or even that you don’t want to want it.

What was the task? What happened?

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Not exactly “not wanting” but definitely helped me figure out my priorities between work, studies and side-projects

Well on writing projects Beeminder has definitely made me face when I’m having trouble because if I can’t write 100-200 words a day then something is wrong with the project. Just recently it forced me to restructure a beginning programming book I was writing.


Definitely. I beeminded learning Dutch on Duolingo for a while, but it was a complete chore and I was really only doing it because I thought it might help while I was living in Belgium. Even though learning Dutch would be a useful thing to do, not least because my in-laws all speak Dutch as their first language, it wasn’t something I could prioritise or even wanted to. So I let it go (let it go, turn away and slam the dooooor :musical_note:) and archived the goal.


I tried someone else’s idea of Beeminding bites of food one time. I decided it was way too much work given how generally healthy and slim I already was. It wasn’t worth it.


Similar to @shanaqui’s experience, I was tracking my progress on Duolingo for Italian for a long time, but it became a chore I actually dreaded each day so I eventually quit. Taking a break (a good, long break!) actually helped me get my motivation back for starting Duolingo again, and this time I don’t dread it at all!