Help, my "stack" goal (YBHP) says it will derail tonight but 0 is due!

I entered data and it should not derail, and it says I have 0 due, but that it will derail tonight! Oh no!

It was just set to YHBP.




Thanks so much for reporting this! It should be fixed as of… now!

(Although it does think you have another +1 due; but let’s move that question to support.)

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Not sure it’s fixed - my “cards” goal is still showing +0 due, even after refresh:


Sorry, I should’ve clarified “fix deployed and will take effect next time your graph is regenerated!” (Which doesn’t happen just from refreshing the browser.) How’s it looking now?

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Everything looks good now, though I’m still a little nervous about what will happen when I add data!

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