How do I set a specific date deadline?

I want to use Beeminder for studying every day. My units are questions and I need to do a specific amount to finish in time for my exam. My exam is on the 8th of June. How do I tell Beeminder to stop then? If I pledge money is it going to stop at that point?

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Your goal actually already has a deadline! But the default is something like 18 months in the future so maybe you didn’t notice. You can adjust it where it says “Goal date” underneath “Dial Road”.


Excellent use of short-term beeminding!

Because your deadline is so close, you probably also want to go into settings and turn on no mercy recommits. This means that instead of getting a week off the hook if you fall off the road, you only get a couple of days grace.

Also, if those study questions get harder to answer as you go along, make sure to build up some safety buffer in the early days because you might need it!