How to kick the can down the road

Hi, I’d like your thoughts how to implement this without fake data.

In the past, I’ve been using fake progress to get a day’s reprieve. It’s totally legit, for example, if the goal is to take care of investments and I’m waiting on the broker (and everything I can do is done). It’s still legit to decide up-front that I’m allowed to extend the deadline a day at a time as long as the hassle is worse than the damage from untended investments.

But fake data feels ugly.

Maybe I could instead set the Akrasia Horizon to zero for certain goals. But I couldn’t figure that out.

Maybe I could ask support every single day to revert. However, I don’t want to impose such costs on Beeminder.

So how do you Beemind goals where it’s legit to kick the can down the road?

I also have difficulty with this issue. For the most I simply just put a comment as to why it was legit to kick it down the curb (e.g. there was no trash in the trash can to take out).

What would be great is if we could label/color code our datapoints. So in your case you could mark regular days as green but days when you are in a holding pattern as grey.

Labeled time would be awesome on graphs, too, for lots of reasons… “Broke leg” on a steps graph, for instance!

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So it boils down to a different commitment:

“Make sure the trash can is empty” instead of “take out the trash”.
“Do every possible step and plan out the rest in the calendar” instead of “rebalance investments”, to the extent that I couldn’t have mapped out all the delays in advance.

The tradeoff here is between the power of simplicity in the commitment and the power of truth in accountability. There must be something better.

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