Beeminder Forum should load the dashboard for logged-in users


@dreev That seems like too many cases, unnecessarily complex.

My username appears on all pages and links to my dashboard, I click on that all the time to force a refresh and see what autodata has arrived to make my dashboard stale.

  • logo links to /home
  • root / redirects to /home or dashboard depending on logged-in-ness


This is what I do with Complice. Also it looks like this hasn’t been implemented, which now (afaict) makes it impossible to access the homepage with its integrations etc while logged in. And then clicking the logo does feel weird (and is redundant with the fact that my name in the top right is what I click to get to my dashboard).


been feeling the same but since i’m a newcomer here i didn’t wanted to say this myself… but i do agree with you malcolm… if this is worth anything.


I forgot to update this thread when we finally did this back in February:

And then we finally made it match @philip’s correct spec (mine was indeed overcomplicated!) a couple months later:

(Only difference is we don’t redirect to /home – rather, root either displays the homepage or redirects to your dashboard, depending on logged-in-ness.)