(UX) It is kind of hard to find the goals from the main website

Except from clicking on the profile name, there is no UI that brings you to the goals listing. Clicking on the profile name to get you to the goal listing is slightly unintuitive for me, like while I would expect to find my goals in the profile page, it doesn’t feel like it should be the primary way of accessing the goals listing page, because it is such a important part of beeminder.

I think there are a few ways that you guys can improve it, but here’s two that immediately came to my mind.

  1. add a “goal listing” button on the top ribbon menu
  2. just use the home page to show the goals when the user is logged in

I agree, I always get confused with this :sweat_smile:


Hmm. For me beeminder.com redirects to my goals list if I’m logged in. Is that not the case for you? :thinking:


oh yeah it does! I was not aware of this. Allow me to state my personal frustration in more detail then, because it seems like the UX may be fine in general, just slightly unintuitive for me.
I have 2 goals, a daily one, and a weekly one. I bookmark the daily goal and always enter beeminder from there. Then sometimes I need to switch to my other weekly goal. Unfortunately clicking on the big beeminder logo send you to beeminder so it doesn’t redirect. I always only remember that I need to actually click on my username to access the goal listing after I went to the home page.