I missed a day and now every day is a beemergency

I have two daily goals that I missed last Saturday. I wasn’t charged but now every day is a beemergency day. I am now getting constant reminders to log my data for the day before midnight tonight otherwise I will be charged.

Is this the normal behavior or am I doing something wrong?

Should I just pay for the missed day and get a one day buffer back?


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There are several ways you could deal with this:

  • as you’ve said, derail and pay for a break immediately
  • schedule a break a week in advance
  • schedule a rate change a week in advance for something like 0.9 per day to let you slowly build up buffer
  • change your reminder settings so they start closer to your deadline–maybe two or three hours out instead of 24 hours

Good luck!


This is a very good question!

I’d suggest following @narthur’s helpful advice, or if you’re able, you could add a second data point on the same day. Then you’d go back to having that one-day buffer.


You used to have a buffer day because Beeminder has a fixed number-to-day data amount required.

If you made a goal that you “wanna do X daily”, and give yourself a day of buffer of 1 day, then at the end of the week, Beeminder is going to look for 6 data points as the minimum, or n-1 indefinitely until something is changed or modified.

So you’ll have 7 data points, and it’s smooth sailing and your graph will be in yellow, not red territory.

But if you miss a day, then at the end of the next week let’s say, you’ll only have 13 data points and that’s the bare minimum, n-1, aka a Beemergency.