Icon ideas for No-Excuses Mode

I was just riffing on some ideas for a no-excuses-mode icon / indicator thingie. Who wants to bikeshed with me?

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 17.08.18

Row 1 is probably mostly too visually confusing. R1C3 probably works the best out of them. But I’m kind of fond of the idea of the lighting bolt / bee-outline inversion… I just couldn’t settle onto an execution that I’m happy with.

Row 2 with the beeminder bee + lightning bolt are ok, but maybe too bee-centric? like maybe they’re too much of a repeat of the logo, and we don’t want to just keep slapping the bee on every surface or something?

Of the fire-droplet ones I don’t love R3C1 with the full-color infinibee. I maybe like the droplet + lightning best of all? maybe because it’s kind of a riff on r1 with the lightning bold color inversion business, but it actually kind of works. Though maybe still wants some tweaking with the exact position of the bolt etc. And maybe it’s too removed from the beeminder iconography. that could maybe be fixed by using beeminder colors or something.

Oh, I think the idea here was to stick add this icon to goals that are opted in to No-Excuses mode. And/Or maybe on the user’s public facing gallery page or something?


Fun! And pretty! You are good at this.

At first I thought the ones with the yellow lightning bolt might be too close to Pavlok’s logo, but I see they’ve changed their logo to purple:


So now maybe it’s just that purple one in the last row that’s potentially too close?

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Just for fun or for comparison, here are ideas from DALL-E 3:

If you wanted to just steal an emoji, perhaps :person_gesturing_no:

The forum has a particularly hard to see icon for this compared to other platforms, there are some better ones here: 🙅 Person Gesturing No Emoji


i like the lightning bolt, but R2C1 and R2C2 are too subtle i think, especially at smaller scale. flame is also good, but i prefer lightning. maybe half bee half lightning? i would not get rid of the bee entirely. maybe lightning and just bee wings or something? (like R1C4 without the bee body and inverseness.)

my first instinct was yes please R1, but it’s definitely too visually confusing. i think if i had to choose one out of these i would pick R2C3 with a different colour bolt. (red?)

i don’t even have one no excuses goal, but i hope i can still chime in. :)

R2C3 is my personal favorite - the green color is unexpected and makes it stand out (which it should!)

R1C3 has the most interesting concept with the straight jacket… i like that one as my second fav

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