If you set an end date and final value, does your rate automatically increase when you derail?

I put this in newbee because it’s a really simple question about beeminder basics… so if I set a goal with an end date like “2000 pushups by Oct 1,” and I derail, after the mercy days are done, will it then increase the rate to make up for the missed time?

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Yes, when the road is trying to calculate the slope between two bricks and second of them is a [date, value, null] brick then it will calculate the way you expect See http://api.beeminder.com/#putgoal for details.

Anything that inserts a new brick between those two will change the slope between the middle and last bricks. So if you schedule a take a break or derail or anything.

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I realize the answer I gave isn’t really in the spirit of the Newbee category. To try to be clear, the answer is “Yes, if you use the road dial to specify an end date and a final value, Beeminder will force you to ‘make up’ for lost time when you derail”.