IFTTT Do Button 1 per day limit

Just installed the IFTTT Do app and connected it for monitoring coffee drinking.

Wondering if it is possible to limit it to only one datapoint per day for some goals. If I have a goal of 6 days a week of doing some stretching I don’t want to be able to game it by recording multiple stretches on one day.

I think this would be as simple as choosing for the Do app button to send only the date and not the timestamp.

Is that possible?

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I think you’d want aggregation to be set to:

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I’m not sure why they went with that instead of lambda x: 1 if any(x) else 0 but oh well :slight_smile:

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That sounds great but obviously I’m being a bit thick.

It sounds like for this one I want

aggday = lambda x: x[-1]

so only the first datapoint of the day is counted. But where do I enter it on the website? I can’t see a setting labelled “aggday” on any of the pages.

I can see it in the api documentation though. Is this only available via the api?


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Two things:

First, aggday can be set on custom goals via the web interface. Under Terribly Advanced, click “convert to custom”, and then scroll down and aggregation will be there. However, custom goals are, IIRC, currently limited to premium plans only.

Second, are you sure you want first vs nonzero? How are you entering “I did stretch”? As a 1? If you enter a 0 for stretching in the morning, and stretch later at night, you have no way to say “I actually did stretch” with first as the aggday. With nonzero as the aggday, you get a 1 for the day if any of your datapoints weren’t zero, and 0 for the day if all the datapoints were zero.


Also you’re in trouble if that 0 came from a derail. You’ll have to wait a day to stretch.


Ah ha.

I don’t have a premium account at the moment (still in my first beeminder week so give it time).

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And if you’re only going to enter zeros and ones, then max would also do the trick.

And to counter the first-datapoint reset problem, you could also aggregate as last. Though the reset datapoint itself is a hack that should die at some point.