Inbox-zero autodata for JMAP services

I wanted an inbox-zero goal, but don’t use Gmail—I’m on Fastmail. So I made a script that does basically the same thing! I have it pulling “total count”, not “unread count”, though. The script is visible here:

And here’s my fresh new inbox-zero goal that it’s feeding.

Technically it’s not just Fastmail that it could work with, it’s any email provider that uses JMAP for programmatic access, but that appears to be not too many things just yet. Nevertheless! Maybe someone other than me will find it useful. This jmap proxy apparently exists; I’ve never tried but it looks reasonable on the face of it so maybe you could spin something like that up?

Comments, questions, and merge requests very welcome!


I don’t know if anyone but me uses this (doubtful!) but just in case, there was a bug where jmap-beeminder-reporter wouldn’t notice a new day passing, so in particularly pernicious (possible!) patterns of email you could derail even having been at inbox-zero for 23 hours of the day—I ran into this problem in my journal thread[forum]. v0.1.1, just released, fixes that!

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Another update: Fastmail has changed how they want their JMAP api to be hit (from with an app-specific password to with an API bearer token), so I’ve updated jmap-beeminder-reporter to handle that in v0.2!