Gmail Zero - a glitch?


Firstly, greetings from Poland and a big THANK YOU for an amazing tool - The Beeminder.

I started a Gmail Zero goal, and it’s been working fine (chart was responding to what I did in my Gmail inbox), but now I realised that I have zero e-mails in my inbox (read or un-read), but Beeminder says there is still 42 e-mails left.

Checked if other tabs (spam, offers, social) in Gmail could’ve been linked to this graph - they are not (chart is not responding).

I clicked on the “Archive” button, but I will derail before the goal will be archived. I will be probably ok after derail (because I pleged $0), but I would like to understand this problem to use Gmail Zero in the future.

Thank you once again, take care!

  • Nicholas

I don’t work for Beeminder, so I can’t look behind the scenes to see what’s
going on, but let me interject that even if you were on a large pledge, if
it’s a glitch and you tell Support, they’ll definitely cancel the derail.


Howdy Nicholas, do you use google inbox? do you use their email snooze? or any other add-ons (like boomerang or others) that let you delay mail? because those can affect the inbox count with kind of “ghost” messages. Also beeminder uses an api to gmail that doesn’t really know what’s going on with tabs, so content in other tabs can definitely affect the count that we get. We are searching your inbox using this query:

“in: inbox AND is: read”

so you can type that in the search box in the gmail interface and find out what messages are keeping your counts high.

and ditto to what Adam said – if it does cause you to derail, reply to the legit check and we’ll cancel the charge and help sort it out.


Wow, this command helped! That’s just awesome! Thank you!

And it’s an honor to get a reply from you, I love your maniac weekends! :smiley: Keep up the good work! B)

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