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Is it just me, or has "Max Safety Buffer" stopped working?

I have at least two goals for which the “Max Safety Buffer” apparently doesn’t work anymore. For instance, has a “Max Safety Buffer” of 180 and today I was at 238.

Am I doing something wrong?

If you had a break set, it might not ratchet until after the break, maybe, I think? I’m not 100% sure and the changes are still new to me but I believe that there’s some protection in there to keep us from mistakenly wiping away breaks now that could affect this.

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Can you send this in to support for us if you’re still seeing issues? Max safety buffer has definitely been working in general, since I know it’s been holding my toes to the fire on some of my goals, so it’ll be easier to dig into what’s happening via where we can easily pass it amongst ourselves.

Though, as Mary said, if you have a scheduled break then the capping will no longer remove any extra added by a break.

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Any chance we could get that statement there on the goal settings panel as a reminder?

I just sent an email to support as one of my goals has a max safety buffer of 10 days, but I have 50 days until Beeminder is requiring me to enter a datapoint. So unless I am looking at something incorrectly, it seems as if this may not be working.

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Do you have a break set?

I don’t have a break set. And I don’t have weekends off for this goal.

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