Is this a bug? (switching from weekly to daily)

I’ve created a new goal, 3/day.

Well, there was no obvious way to create daily goal with data from Trello so I’ve actually created 21/week and immediately changed it to 3/day.

Today, i’ve (barely) managed to clear this week and looks like tomorrow I’m expected to clear the whole next week. Or maybe not - road looks like I’ll only have to do 3 tomorrow.

Is this a bug?

Had someone else encountered this?

What is actually going to happen tomorrow - I’d derail if I don’t clear next week’s target, or just tomorrow’s?

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While I was writing this, picture have changed:

Now that’s just silly.

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Sorry about this! It looks like you encountered a known bug with changing the rate for a goal. I’ve adjusted your graph for you - let us know if it looks right now. You can also always email us at for things like this. We should have the bug fixed soon!

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Thanks! Inded, everything is dandy now.

I’ve emailed right after posting, but to reiterate - I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this bug if there was a way to create daily goals with data from trello, now the wizard simply assumes weekly goal.

That kinda increases bug’s impact.


Thanks again for the report. The issue with changing the rate should now be fixed - we put in a sort-of-hacky patch for the time being while we sort out the best thing to do longer term. And including the rate units on Trello goal creation has been added to our Trello board.

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I’m still seeing the rate-change bug. I tried to drop a goal from 240min/wk to 180min/week, and it took me a few days to realize beeminder had me doing almost an hour a day.

I just set the goal to 10mins/day and the graph skyrocketed.

Oh, I think I was misunderstanding something. I guess the rate changes don’t take place immediately.

However, I’m still wondering why I’m barely hanging on to my 240min/week goal, which I created 7 days ago, when I’ve put in 425 minutes so far (and I need to put in 55 minutes by the end of today to stay on track).

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True! Normally, it takes a week for slope changes to kick in, to keep you stuck to your commitment for at least a little while.

Looks as though your goal was created with a doubly-steep slope, which is why you’ve been hanging on by your fingernails. Bravo!

PS: I’ve sent you an email to see whether you want anything adjusted.

Oops, you’re absolutely right. I totally forgot I initially created a 480 unit goal and immediately changed it to 240. Didn’t realize it takes a week to kick in at the time.

No bug after all, thanks!