Is Uservoice still a thing?

Looking at, traffic looks pretty light, the top voted requests don’t get many updates (the top four are: July '14, July '14, December '14, February '14), and it doesn’t seem to be linked from on the side bar like it used to.

Personally I would really like all 4 of the top 4 items, but should I keep hope alive?


I’m still inclined to migrate everything in Uservoice to this forum but we obviously haven’t prioritized that. As for the top items there:

  1. Interactive graphs we are hard-committed to doing in 2015.
  2. Android version of GTBee we were excited about when was going to help us “kickstart” it but now that they dropped that we can’t really afford the distraction for a while.
  3. Organize goals with tags: totally happening, just not sure when.
  4. Flat spots on weekends: first step is the Road Editor, definitely coming.
  5. Integrate with MyFitnessPal. Need them to accept our application, but they’re on our list.
  6. Consolidate emails into a single email. We’ll think about this as we do the upcoming reminders revamp.

Thanks for the updates.