Minor feature request: don't destroy data points in inbox zero goals

I kind of want to see ALL the data points on my inbox zero graph, so I can see when I got spikes of emails I had to deal with to get back under the limit, and so on. I turned it into a custom goal so I could check the ticky box to turn on showing all data points instead of just the aggregated ones, only to find that it was already on — which is when I realized that for some reason, every time the goal syncs and the number of unread emails has changed, it REPLACES the previous data point for the current day with a new one. This doesn’t seem very QS-y to me.


Just a guess: was the Gmail integration implemented manually before the min aggday setting existed?

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Good guess since Gmail was one of our first integrations. [1] But I think it was intentional to avoid tons of datapoints and confusion about what the one that counts is… I mean, highly likely you’re right and we should do the maximally QS-y thing but need to think it through a bit.

Highly worthy feature request regardless!

[1] Grepping beeminder.com/changelog suggests the aggday setting was from 2011 and the Gmail integration was 2012.

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