Missing API documentation: Goal Resource

Goal Resource

goaldate - (number) Timestamp of goal target date
goalval - (number) Value of goal target
rate - (number) How many you need to do per rate unit (see runits)

(goaldate, goalval, rate) form a tuple, one of which should be null, however the missing number will be provided in the mathishard array.

updated_at - (number) Unix timestamp (in seconds) of the last update to this goal

id - (hex string) Goal ID
callback_url - (string) Callback URL for the goal
description - (string) User-supplied description of goal (listed in sidebar of graph page as “Goal Statement”)
graphsum - (string) text summary of the graph
delta - (number) distance from the center line of your graph at the end of today
lanewidth - (number) width of the lanes either side of the centerline of the yellow brick road

deadline - (number) Seconds by which your goal day boundary differs from midnight. Negative is before midnight, positive is after midnight. (TODO: allowable range)

ephem - (deprecated and should be removed)
plotall - Whether to plot all the datapoints, or only the aggday-ed one that counts
rah - Road value at akrasia horizon


I found that the API documentation was missing a few things about the goal resource, so I’ve added them above. Hopefully one of the devs can help out with more information and turn it into a wiki post so we can keep it updated.

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Thanks so much, @insti! I’m making it my mustdo for tomorrow to get the API docs up to speed with these parameters.

And done! bmndr.com/api
Thanks again, @insti. Calling this a UVI too:

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