My brain rounds $30 down to zero

The pledge schedule has probably been discussed to death by now, but whatever. Beeminder has a logical explanation for why they use an exponential pledge schedule. But I am irrational. My dumb brain doesn’t really care all that much when I derail on a $30 pledge, even when my bank account is nearly empty. On the other hand, paying $90 feels unthinkable. Similar to how the brain perceives $9.99 to be significantly less than $10.00, I think I subconsciously round $90 up to $100 and $30 down to zero. This means that derailing on a $90 pledge once feels way worse to me than derailing on a $30 pledge three times.

For me, something like $40 would probably be the sweet spot between “low enough to consider pledging” and “high enough to deter heavy akrasia”. (Though I suspect I’m significantly less frugal than most users.)


Woah, it goes straight $30 to $90?!?

Good thing I set my max to $30. I would hate to forget and suddenly get hosed for an extra $60 cause I forgot to meditate for 2 minutes. :sweat_smile:

Although having seen how we handle the spread of infectious diseases, I should probably expect to be caught off guard by an exponential growth function!

I just didn’t even realize that was the formula.I just kind of ignored the fine print when they switched from $20 to $30. That causes about the same amount of pain to me.

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