Need an easy path into BeeMinder that does not result in blowing up my mailbox!

Just launched my Beeminder and already have a mailbox full of mail from you! I didn’t even set a minder but get emails every 30 minutes or so. I don’t have time to leisurely read the manual so I turned off all mails from you. Pity there is a not a less painful way into this thing.


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I’m similarly torn because email drives my life and yet it’s easy for the inbox to become nothing but Beeminder emails.

I use to automatically archive all reminder emails for goals which were already updated today. It’s not perfect but it helps a lot.

Uh oh, that would be a disastrous bug, but I don’t think you mean you literally didn’t create a Beeminder goal, right? The more and more frequent emails are expected if you’re about to derail on something. Of course if you got into that state without understanding it, that’s also bad. (And very valuable for us to understand how it happened!)

I don’t think turning off all Beeminder email is a good idea. The reminder settings give pretty good control over when the reminders come. If things are set up right then the more and more frequent emails when a derailment is imminent are just what you want. Ideally you have full control over the thing you’re beeminding and you make the reminders stop by simply doing the thing you committed to. Aka dispatching the beemergency.

Is that making sense? If it’s a matter of picking the right thing to beemind in the first place, here’s one place to start:

Hi Zenon!

So sorry about your first gmailzero goal experience. What’s meant to happen is that the graph starts at the actual level of the number of read emails and works its way down from there.

Looks like yours started at zero instead, so when it connected to gmail overnight and found a much bigger number, it acted as though all of those emails were newly read in that one day, and demanded that you start archiving them to get back on track. An impossible task as it happened.

If you’re willing to give it another try, I can put your graph back as it should have been… the best way to make sure we see any request is to email

Thanks for trying us out, and thanks in advance for your patience.