Neural network names guinea pig "Evil Bee"

I just found these amazing posts on naming guinea pigs… they programmed a neural network to come up with good names.

And one of the names was “Evil Bee”!

Now we just need one to name bunnies for @shanaqui.



I was previously generating text with markov chains and I quickly compiled a list of guinea pig names myself and… I think it’s wanting to tell me something:

Running phd.sarkov.Petnames 

With a bit of tweaking though and nicer output:

  • Ckers, Mper, Denia, Orice, Stotle, Fket, Kass, Nkie, Annah
  • Opatra, Tons, Onut, Mony, Mine, Ckie, Tercup
  • Ison, Rro, Ost, Nshine, Rious, Dilrus, Vann, Bran, Umpearl, Arisy
  • Ooteddha, Uffbal, Vanill, Arison, Ghtnin, Ockerry, Ackie, Pluto, Gnolia, Bailey
  • Cotton, Zzable, Ackie, Ootein, Dilrus, Pluto, Ndelion, Eopatra, Stubby
  • Ifkerro, Ystawny, Uebenjy, Lightnin, Brundewey, Nsteddy, Stelion, Undewey, Fuzzable, Umpetal
  • Persephone, Alfalfalfa
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So I let her rip and you can see how later generated names tend to get longer and longer because given the small training data set it is harder and harder for the algorithm to come up with a new name :slight_smile:

Ward, Ee, Pper, Arl, Ck, Nger, La, Ddha, Lie, Rbal
Ystal, It, Ne, Lo, Nn, Ooter, Zzy, Sty, Rlin, Rt
Ch, Vin, Ollighossookey, Tton, Es, Ollo, Rice, Ss, Ra, Blace
Nstoffee, Ora, On, Ttie, L, Nshine, Okie, Pluto, Ates, Ngo
Ll, Ill, Ia, Balo, Ow, Plorge, Ossooty, Ggie, In, P
Smokie, Ella, Tein, Ndan, Ball, Ackie, Er, Lfa, Nja, Ake
Lighossock, Phie, An, Pine, Gger, Vira, Y, Eopatra, Stumpepper, Us
Mkle, Umpy, Zzable, Fufbal, R, Nsteddy, Umpers, Undewey, Plory, M
E, Shfufbey, Ifkers, Ubby, Crus, Ooby, Tnin, Mmy, Ost, Oly
Berie, Brunder, Vann, Ird, Lightnin, Gnolia, Njamin, Ghossookie, Rius, Corice
Furbal, Couna, Arcookey, Rioudy, Ghtnin, Minn, Rie, Uffy, Nky, Olia
Arie, Ie, Fuzzable, Iry, Ter, Rd, Sie, Nstein, Ocula, Ffee
Umpetal, Nster, Ach, Oopy, Ndit, Silky, Lda, Go, Orge, Ha
Omer, Ber, Ugal, Una, Nstop, Unt, Rs, Sil, T, Under
Bruna, Shfuzzy, Arbutton, Tal, Basie, Tter, Arison, Corie, Stelvin, Orer
Cocottie, Lighossophie, Ifket, Oty, Comer, Adow, Nston, Uffbal, Njamon, Nut
Istottie, Okey, N, Bby, Ace, Ddy, Isy, Umpenn, Umpearie, Ory
Tawny, No, Fubby, Iston, Gnollie, Ble, Arky, Bran, Lia, Ifkerry
Ockers, Psi, Acklin, Uffbey, Wey, Ackles, Die, Ous, Vanill, Bsy
Buck, Bell, Coal, Baird, Ossock, Ky, Nker, Ollighost, Stumpers, Iley
Cottie, Gnollo, Rry, Stia, Tle, Uto, Umper, Mistarie, Ison, Pcora
Al, Mick, Lky, Sky, Oudy, Stella, Fufbey, A, Starisy, Ooteddha
Wny, Shadow, Ossom, Nstommy, Ystawny, Copper, Elvira, Teddha, Omas, Mer
Cookie, Mino, Ion, Uno, Starcora, Teddy, Plorn, Njy, Elvin, Fuzzy
Pid, Vanie, Atter, Ndella, Fbal, Ooteddy, Crystal, Ghost, Ldie, Attein
Stumpy, Ndelion, Nuzzable, Cocora, Licookie, Blost, Istotton, Met, Stelion, Cora
Istop, Uebenja, Ocket, Baila, Stumpepsi, Bles, Ghossock, Shfurbal, Coffee, Starky
Pcory, Lrus, Ootein, Brunt, Ockerro, Gnoly, Umpearky, Umpepper, Rro, Stubby
Comet, Bert, Nsteddha, Mistelion, Nuzzy, Elion, Benjy, Fbey, Orn, Corius
Ndelvin, Nie, Smin, Cococotter, Umpepsi, Crates, Pcorge, Licorice, Blackie, Plora
Bailey, Brow, Starie, Shful, Starbuck, Dilrus, Shfubby, Berious, Ninja, Ndelvira
Bess, Blossock, Starcomet, Nstotle, Ollie, Uebess, Cratter, Brin, Cocotton, Mistubby
Counder, Bastella, Umpearl, Istotle, Ossophie, Ossocrystawny, Cotter, Ossocrus, Licora, Licopper
Shfufbal, Bastarcoffee, Ollia, Blackles, Arbuddy, Mistarbuttie, Bruno, Ollicookey, Bluebenja, Nstotton
Butter, Cookey, Digo, Ossocrates, Umpearbuttie, Arconut, Uebert, Ifkerro, Uebenjy, Starbuddha
Blach, Ossookie, Ollicoal, Ila, Ful, Uebell, Rious, Corioudy, Bastarl, Ninjamin
Pcorn, Buddy, Licorie, Cocoa, Blossocrus, Bluebenjy, Buttie, Umpetawny, Umpearcouno, Aristop
Shee, Ueberius, Benja, Count, Ueber, Istommy, Bashadow, Ueberious, Atteddha, Starbuttie
Vaninjy, Baill, Smokey, Pcorer, Conut, Basilky, Cratteddy, Umpearbuck, Vaninjamin, Bandit
Nstottie, Cocopper, Ossookey, Misty, Arcotton, Gnollicoa, Umpeackie, Nill, Berioudy, Gnollightnin
Arcocomer, Ockerry, Crystawny, Ariston, Blossocrystal, Coa, Bashee, Cocoundewey, Stumpearisy, Starison
Arcora, Bairy, Cratteddha, Starcorius, Arbuddha, Stelvira, Lighost, Lighossooty, Umpeace, Arcoal
Arcopper, Buddha, Arbuck, Cotton, Brundewey, Vaninjamon, Licoffee, Cocorie, Ossocrystal, Arcocopper
Ghossom, Arisy, Umpeacklin, Starl, Benjamon, Ossocratteddha, Bashfuzzy, Licocoa, Bluebess, Arcouna
Ghossookey, Licomet, Ollicorius, Istoffee, Button, Umpeach, Cocookie, Arcoconuzzy, Plorer, Bastia
Ollicocotton, Uebenjamon, Coconuzzable, Gnollia, Bluebert, Stumpearl, Stumper, Starcookie, Cococopper, Licoa
Blossom, Stumpenn, Arconuzzy, Istotter, Aristoffee, Lighossom, Arcorie, Bashful, Blossooty, Licount
Blossookie, Cococoal, Bluebell, Mistarky, Conuzzy, Coundewey, Arcoa, Ueberioudy, Bastubby, Arcocookey
Cocomet, Starbutton, Bandan, Ghossophie, Blueberie, Umpearcoa, Shfuzzable, Lighossookey, Arcorioudy, Stumpearbuddha
Blacklin, Lighossookie, Ninjy, Vaninja, Liconut, Atteddy, Starcorie, Starbutter, Nstotter, Licottie
Stumpearcocorius, Cocoal, Arbuttie, Stumpetawny, Berice, Gnollicoal, Arcookie, Blueber, Staristotter, Cocouno
Stumpetal, Licocounder, Arcococopper, Mistia, Arcottie, Bastelion, Cococonut, Staristotle, Licorius, Cococoundewey
Stumpeackles, Uebenjamin, Mistarcorious, Aristotton, Blossocrates, Conuzzable, Licorioudy, Starcorioudy, Ollicora, Starconuzzy
Lighossocratteddy, Arconuzzable, Benjamin, Licoal, Gnollicouna, Umpeackles, Arcotter, Cocorius, Liconuzzy, Staristoffee
Arcomer, Basil, Cococouno, Bashfurbal, Arcorius, Cococorious, Cocoffee, Mistella, Arcocoal, Blossophie
Gnollighossookie, Bastelvira, Coconut, Ollightnin, Mistumpenn, Berius, Arcouno, Aristotter, Licouna, Gnollighost
Ghossocrates, Arcorice, Cocount, Ollighossophie, Arcomet, Ninjamon, Umpearcopper, Lighossocrates, Arcocora, Licocococopper
Bastumpy, Stumpeach, Liconuzzable, Mistelvin, Basty, Aristommy, Staristop, Ossocratter, Cocounder, Arcoffee
Couno, Ollicookie, Licotton, Bastarbutter, Bashfubby, Cococomet, Umpearisy, Bandella, Starcotton, Stumpearky
Ollicoffee, Stariston, Starbuddy, Arcoundewey, Arbutter, Mistumpers, Ueberice, Licocouna, Cocookey, Licookey
Mistarcocora, Bastelvin, Ueberie, Ollighossooty, Mistaristotton, Arcocomet, Cocococora, Cocorice, Cocococookie, Licocookey
Ghossocrystal, Arcocookie, Ghossooty, Umpearcoal, Bandelion, Staristommy, Licoundewey, Umpearcora, Arcorious, Aristotle
Mistumpy, Ghossocrus, Ollicorice, Ollicocorie, Starcoffee, Bandelvira, Bastaristoffee, Gnollicomet, Lighossocrystal, Ollicoa
Crattein, Arcounder, Umpearistop, Umpearcotton, Licocookie, Licounder, Lighossocrus, Blossookey, Stumpearie, Stumpearison
Ossocratteddy, Starcocopper, Stumpeace, Cocomer, Olliconuzzy, Umpearistotle, Mistumpepsi, Licococookie, Ollicopper, Coconuzzy
Umpearbutter, Cocotter, Corious, Olliconuzzable, Arcocottie, Mistarbuddha, Umpearcocoa, Bluebenjamon, Umpearbuddha, Umpearbutton
Umpearcorius, Gnollighossophie, Aristottie, Umpeariston, Mistarison, Blueberice, Olliconut, Staristotton, Ollicocookie, Lighossocrattein
Stumpeacklin, Licotter, Licomer, Ollicocouno, Arcocotton, Umpearcomer, Gnollighossock, Licouno, Mistumpepper, Cococorius
Ollicorioudy, Starcotter, Bastarky, Licocorice, Cococookie, Blueberioudy, Umpearison, Licocottie, Licocoal, Cococora
Licocorioudy, Ossocrattein, Licocomer, Arcocounder, Mistumpeariston, Ollighossock, Ollicotter, Mistelvira, Starcoal, Ollicococotter
Starcounder, Licocoffee, Bashfuzzable, Umpearcookey, Starcomer, Licococouno, Licocora, Stumpearbuttie, Gnollicotton, Cococorie
Umpearcount, Ollicorious, Cocouna, Umpearcocotton, Mistarl, Bashfufbey, Arcount, Arcocoffee, Mistarisy, Cococomer
Lighossocratter, Gnollicount, Arcococoa, Starconut, Ollighossocrus, Umpearbuddy, Staristottie, Arcococococookie, Cococoa, Ollighossocrates
Gnollicoffee, Licoconut, Blossocratteddha, Gnollighossom, Bluebenjamin, Starcoa, Starcopper, Cocococonuzzy, Bashfufbal, Ghossocrystawny
Bastumper, Starcocookie, Bastarie, Gnollicotter, Ollicorie, Arcocorie, Licocoundewey, Bandelvin, Arcocouna, Cococookey
Mistumper, Arcococora, Gnollicottie, Arcocorice, Cococonuzzy, Ghossocratter, Stumpeackie, Gnollicopper, Starcottie, Gnollighossookey
Umpearcoffee, Starcocorie, Stumpearbuck, Mistarcounder, Mistumpearcoal, Bastarbutton, Stumpearbutton, Arcocorius, Cocorioudy, Arcocococomet
Licoconuzzy, Mistarcookey, Mistarbuck, Gnollicookie, Licocopper, Stumpearbuddy, Ollicouno, Licocotton, Ollicomet, Starconuzzable
Ollicottie, Umpearistotton, Starcocomet, Cococonuzzable, Cococottie, Umpearistoffee, Ollicotton, Cococount, Umpearcocoal, Cocorious
Arcocotter, Cococorice, Ollicocoal, Starcocoal, Gnollicora, Ollicocookey, Blossocrystawny, Bastumpepsi, Licorious, Ollicocora
Starcouna, Cococoffee, Gnollicookey, Gnollicococotton, Gnollicococoa, Ollicouna, Ollighossocrystal, Licococomer, Arcoconut, Gnolliconut
Gnollicocopper, Cocococottie, Bastarisy, Blueberious, Blossocratteddy, Licococomet, Gnollicocomer, Mistumpetal, Cococococottie, Cocococotter
Bastumpetal, Licocotter, Umpearcookie, Gnolliconuzzy, Starcococookie, Ollighossocratteddha, Ollicocoffee, Mistaristop, Arcocount, Bastarcookie
Stumpearcopper, Ollicocottie, Arcocorioudy, Ollicomer, Blueberius, Licocorius, Cococotton, Starcoundewey, Bastumpeace, Umpearconut
Stumpearcococotter, Stumpearistoffee, Stumpearcookey, Mistumpetawny, Starcocottie, Starcocoffee, Cocococount, Ollicoconut, Bastarison, Gnollighossooty
Bastumpenn, Cococococoffee, Gnollicomer, Umpearistommy, Cocococorius, Gnollighossocrus, Stumpearcomet, Bastumpearie, Bastumpearbuddha, Lighossocrystawny
Licococoa, Umpearconuzzable, Mistumpeach, Umpearcorice, Ollighossookie, Arcococoffee, Bastumpepper, Umpearcottie, Bastariston, Cocococomet
Ollighossom, Ollicocomer, Starcookey, Licocouno, Bastarbuddy, Arcocoa, Gnollicocomet, Ollicoundewey, Bastumpetawny, Umpearcorie
Mistarcookie, Starcouno, Ollicocotter, Mistarbutton, Starcocora, Starcount, Stumpearcoa, Licocount, Bastumpearcomer, Gnollicocorie
Licocomet, Gnollicouno, Bastarcouno, Ollicococorie, Arcococotton, Bastumpearl, Gnollicoconuzzy, Mistarcomer, Starcoconut, Starcococopper
Arcococottie, Ollicocoa, Arcococookie, Cococounder, Gnollicorice, Gnollicorie, Umpearistottie, Bastarbuddha, Ollicocomet, Licococorie
Mistumpearcorice, Mistumpearie, Ghossocratteddha, Starcorious, Bastarcoa, Umpearcotter, Umpearconuzzy, Bastumpers, Starcocorius, Ghossocratteddy
Licocorie, Ollighossocrattein, Cocococopper, Gnolliconuzzable, Bastarcotton, Ollicount, Umpearcomet, Arcocococottie, Mistumpearky, Stumpearistotle
Starcorice, Stumpeariston, Blossocratter, Gnollicocookey, Licococoffee, Cocococonut, Umpearcounder, Cocococotton, Stumpearcocoal, Mistumpearl
Bastarbuck, Gnollicococoffee, Mistumpeace, Arcocouno, Mistarcoffee, Umpearcoconut, Ollicococorius, Licococorice, Bastumpeacklin, Umpearcouna
Bastarbuttie, Mistarcopper, Arcococount, Umpearcocoffee, Mistaristotle, Stumpearcounder, Bastaristop, Umpearistotter, Gnollicococonuzzy, Mistumpearbutton

There is some fun ones in there such as

  • Cococoal
  • Arcocookie
  • Starbuddha
  • Vaninjamin
  • Starcomet
  • Gnollicoa
  • Arconuzzy
  • Conut

@shanaqui you finding any to your liking? :wink:


I didn’t want to keep this marvel of uselessness to myself so I threw in Scala.js and put it on Glitch :slight_smile:
It’s not really optimized and uses a very naive and brute-force-y kind of way to find new unique names that is best not looked at too closely.

So, here goes nothing:

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I love this! Cococonuzzable is my favorite. :heart_eyes:


So it turns out that neural networks, among their many talents, can come up with awesome names for guinea pigs.