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🎆 New Year's 2019 Survivor Challenge


Multiple derailments at the same pledge level. The second tier has us following the pledge schedule.



Still confused - what do you mean by “lost-lost”? And why did you need to not continue in order to keep it in the second tier, if that killed its eligibility?



I’m sorry - I still don’t understand about the tiers and pledge levels. :thinking: :confused: :thinking:



Trying to understand. Here are a few examples:

  1. So say you derail once at $5 and the derailment was not legit. Does that goal now fall into the second tier, since you’ve derailed once? Or is it still in the first tier, since the derailment was not legit?

  2. Say you derailed at $5 and the derailment was legit. Then you derailed again at $5 and the derailment was not legit. What happens? What if the non-legit derailment came first?

  3. You derail at $5, it wasn’t legit, but you increase the pledge to $10 anyway. Then you derail at $10. What happens?

  4. On Jan 1 you had a max pledge of $10 set. Say you derail at $10 twice. What happens?

  5. On Jan 1 you had a max pledge of $10 set. You derail at $10 and lower your pledge to $5, then derail at $5. What happens if:

5a. You’d derailed at $5 last year;
5b. You’d never derailed at $5.


Quick answers to the numbered questions but check out the blog post – – for the official rules!

  1. Still in 1st tier.
  2. Still in the 2nd tier.
  3. Still in the 2nd teir.
  4. Lost-lost.
  5. Lost-lost.

Recap: Ultimate survivors are the ones who don’t (legitimately) derail all year. And if you do derail you’re still a quasi-survivor (shown below the fold on and get a lesser prize, as long as you follow the pledge schedule. So each derailment has to be at a higher pledge than the last. If you derail after hitting your pledge cap or lowering your pledge then you’ve lost-lost.


Thanks for the detailed answers!

Can you raise your pledge cap after hitting your max pledge so you don’t lose-lose?


An update on the Challenge:

We started with 159 goals.

Still in the top tier: 144
In the second tier: 14
Out: my one sad, little goal


I mean that it’s out. Can’t win. That’s all she wrote.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking, but I didn’t continue with the goal after it derailed because it was too difficult given some things that were going on at the same time for me, so I didn’t need to because of the rules or anything, if that’s what you were asking.


If you cap your goal and derail after hitting your pledge cap, you would lose. But yes, if we noticed before it was too late, we’d remind you so you’d have the option to keep it going, but we might very well not notice! We’ll be as helpful as we can, but keeping within the rules of the competition is ultimately up to each player!


These two Survivor goals are still private and should be removed from the competition:


Not private
[EDIT by @mary: These goals were in fact set to public by the user and we’re going to be working on fixing something that caused them to show up as private in the Survivor page.]