Odometer reset without cumulative paging

I finished a book. (A)
I want to read another book (B) but when I reset the odometer it goes further. (A) +(B)
How can i reset the odometer and also reset the counter without cumulative paging?


Can you point to your goal? By odometer reset you probably mean beeminder.com/faq#qodo but if so I’m confused about why you’d not want it to do that. The y-axis should always be total cumulative number of pages read, right?

In other words, like a classic (car trip)odometer, at the end of the journey (book, in our case) you may restart the counter to “0”. Another trip (book, in our case) begins from scratch (greenfield, if you like).
Conclusion: it might be useful when I finish a book in the Goal Progress frame the START field and the NOW field to reset to “0” without historical pages of all my lifetime readings.
My goal is to finish reading a book in a certain time horizon and not to count all the pages I have read ever.


I see. It might actually be best to start a new goal for each book in that case.

Eventually we’ll finish our road editor (aka generalized road dial) and that may make it easy to have the road jump back down to zero for each new book. But it’s not exactly in the spirit of Beeminder, which is all about tracking your cumulative total open-endedly.

I think what @ghf wants can be achieved by slight modifications to the view on the data. By moving and relabling the y axis to match the reset odometer value, you can essentially hide the old books off the bottom of the graph.
(This is might not be possible yet.)