Bug in Beeta for odometer goals

If I load up the new beeta site my reading goal looks like this:

Which is a lot less helpful than the current version, which displays this:

I know odometer goals aren’t that common, but it would be really nice to see the useful information.


If you click on “X total due” I think it will toggle from the cumulative view to the incremental view. My guess is that odometer defaults differently than Do More?


@drtall is correct - once you change it, it should persist for that goal and always use the “+112” format. We default to the total for odometer goals since that’s what you have to enter.

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I guess it’s a little more nuanced than that for odometers which have had a counter reset. e.g. if this is a reading goal and you’re on page 100, you need to get to page 213, not page 121909. :slight_smile:


Exactly. I thought the entire point of odometer goals was the reset feature. If I actually enter several thousands, then i would expect it to assume I read several thousands on top of what I had earlier.

Anyway I dig that I can change it, but could it please be made so that this is somehow shown as information to the user? I hadn’t a clue this was possible.

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Ah okay so it sounds like the bug is actually that we’re showing the “total total” for odom goals that have been reset, instead of the “total since reset”?

But this isn’t a beeta (new design) issue, is it? We also showed either the delta or the total-total, never the total-since-odometer-reset, right?