Poll: Beemail topic ideas

For daily beemail folks, which of these beemail topic ideas sound interesting?

  • How to beemind nebulous projects like doing your taxes or fixing a neurosis
  • A meta question about forum categories
  • Our talk proposal for Microconf
  • The original Beeminder commitment contract template
  • Forcing long-inactive users to create/reactivate a goal (or add a payment method) or else have their username and account culled
  • Experimenting with requiring a credit card or payment method to even sign up
  • Update on commits.to
  • Highlights from recent UVIs
  • Update on yellow brick half-plane and interactive graphs
  • Pointers to interesting forum posts or discussions

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If these sound interesting but you’re not getting daily beemails, feel free to change that here: https://www.beeminder.com/settings/account#account-details