Poll: Do you care about Beedroid working when offline?

Did you know that the notifications in the Beeminder Android app work even if you’re in airplane mode? (Downside: if you dispatch the beemergency elsewhere the reminders will keep coming on Beedroid until the app has connectivity again to find out that the goal isn’t actually in the red.) In the iOS app the notifications are initiated by Beeminder’s server so if you’re offline you won’t get them.

Possible sad news: Beedroid needs some maintenance to keep working well on newer phones and Android is making it harder to deliver notifications like our zeno alerts reliably. It might be a lot of work to work around that, so…

How bad would it be if Beedroid’s notifications only happened if you were online?

  • Totally fine since I’m rarely offline and wouldn’t count on offline notifications anyway
  • The robustness is cool and it would be a shame to lose that but realistically not a huge deal
  • I would shed real tears
  • I would pay for a more expensive premium plan for that feature

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Wait, 3 of you would shed real tears but not pay for the feature? Explain!

My own answer was the opposite (I think it would be a shame to lose the feature and it would be worth paying for but realistically not a big deal to lose it) but I see I’m the only one so far.

To answer your question, I"m already on Plan Bee so the next one up is Beemium, while I like the feature and could maybe see it as a paid feature (although it feels very different to most paid features I’ve seen), I don’t know that shifting up an extra $16 per month for this particular feature would be worth it.


I answered too fast, in fact I don’t use beedroid notifications, I just look at my goals every day and act accordingly.

But I love the fact that Beedroid works well when offline, for example when it queues datapoints when I’m offline. Losing

@dreev I’m curious about what technically would prevent to fix offline notifications for Android, could you explain?

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Wishlist, for the offline app:

  • stop reminders after I enter the data, i.e. recalculate the YBR offline
  • reminders distinct from the system default sound
  • available on FDroid
  • option to disable Google analytics/adtech tracking

I love no-data-phones to cut down on distractions.

Which premium plan would I need to buy now for the offline app, in order to lock into current price levels?

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The app already has a checkbox in settings to disable Google Analytics, so you’re down to three wishes! :slight_smile: