Procrastination related to answering mails/whatsapp

I am usually too lazy to go over all the emails and whatsapp messages and start answering everything that needs to be answered (and they really accumulate…). How can I beemind this? I don’t want to use any integrations with my work email…

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Sounds like you want some kind of “whittle down” goal? If you’re on the free plan, there is one already available that will track your Gmail inbox, but otherwise you’d need to be on at least the first tier of the Premium plans to create a whittle down goal (*)

(*) strictly speaking, this isn’t true: you could, if you wanted, re-purpose one of the other free goal types for this. The most obvious would be to claim it’s a weight loss goal (think of it as “weight of unread emails”). You start with your current unread email count - even if that’s 5000, Beeminder won’t stop you entering that (maybe you track your weight in ounces, we don’t care!). Then you set your “email weight loss” slope to the rate you want. You’d be responsible for entering the data, but with that caveat, it would track your progress and force you to keep reducing the number.


Another type of manual goal that I have had success with for this kind of thing is a goal that is just 6/week and the task is either to clear the inbox ALL the way down to zero, or just to answer at least one message (which you may or may not find is enough to end up answering a few—do you usually do ZERO, or is the problem that you do some but not enough?) But the whittle-down option is probably best.

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