Question about increasing my pledge each time I derail...

When I click on “…or pay $10” a screen pops up allowing me to increase my pledge.

  • It looks like the maximum I could increase the amount to is $2,560. Have I got that right?

  • If so, what’s the increment I pay for each pledge? When I derail, does my pledge increase in increments of $10 until it reaches $2,560?

  • …and if my pledge ever does reach $2,560, what happens then. If I derail, am I charged $2,560 each time?

Just wanted to understand the maximum commitment, if I decide that I’m TOTALLY SERIOUS about a goal and am willing to jump in the river & do the max.



I believe the increments are more-or-less exponential. The exact amounts depend on whether you’re on the old or new pledge schedule.

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Narthur is correct.

If you wanted a pledge over the max that shows there, I would contact! I don’t know what they’ll do, but they’ll be able to tell ya!


Ooh, thanks so much for sharing that you weren’t sure about this – it’s super useful to hear this kind of question. I think we can probably expand the pledge options if people want to be able to pledge at that level. Are you volunteering? :grin: Anyway, at the moment if you derail at that pledge (or any other that you’re capped at), you repledge at that same level again.

As for the pledge schedules, there’s a sort of experimental version, which is what you seem to be using in your screenshot, which increased by doubling for every pledge after $5. So (optionally $1), $5, $10, $20, $40, $80, $160, etc.

The other one has some exquisite reasoning behind it which I can never quite remember, but which I think is “each increased pledge is the sum of all the previous pledges * 2”, and goes (optionally $0), $5, $10, $30, $90, $270, $810…


OK, here’s what I’m gathering from all the responses…

  • Even though the max pledge is listed as $2,560, I might be able to increase that if I contact “support.”

  • The pledge starts at some number (I think $5 the way I’m setting it), and if I derail, my pledge at least doubles each time I derail.

  • Finally, if I screw-up and derail enough times to reach my max of $2,560, the next derail is at least $2,560 … or what? it doubles?

Have I got all that right?

I’m in charge of a group and have been asked to set-up a “serious accountability” process, so I plan to blow their minds by insisting that we all commit to the max just to ensure our “seriousness.” I just want to be clear on the beeminder ground-rules before I explain how it will all work for each of us.



Mark McKenna Little
San Diego, CA


I went in and checked. (I am on the Beeminder team, doing some programming, but usually on the forums I am talking as me-the-user rather than an Official Voice.)

There are currently two pledge schedules. The one that starts at $5 maxes out at $7290, and the one that starts at $1 maxes out at $2560. They are 5, 10, 30, 90, 270, 810, 2430, 7290 and 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560.

If you derail at the highest amount for the schedule, the website keeps your pledge at the max.

Every step on both pledge schedules is at least double, until you get to the top where it saturates.


Wow, that is pretty hardcore.

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