Request: Open Road Editor with correct goal selected

So this link here:

is nice and all but in the so very unlikely case that someone was maybe not a 100% mentally present at that moment, they could (potentially, not that I’m saying it would be likely) not immediately notice that the road editor shows a goal’s road rather than this goal’s road.

And then edit the wrong road.

I’m not saying that this may have almost happened to me. Twice.

And I can’t be the only one to change my goal settings and derp and then needing to fix it after just having messed up. And in that state of mind and with many graphs looking not unlike each other? Clicking a link that’s in the goal settings tab of a specific goal? Can anyone blame me for expecting it to take me to more settings of that goal and not some other goal which happens to be the first on some list?
I mean, hypothetically speaking. :wink: