Rip it up and start again...?

I was successfully beeminding since November and got really into it, had about 7 on the go at one point: Writing, guitar practice, reading, cleaning, Complice intentions, admin, rescuetime internet use. I was slightly obsessed and would read about beeminder everyday and think about how I was using it, checking my graphs regularly. I did derail a few times, most of the time put myself back on the road. I was writing everyday, reading, playing lots of music.

Then earlier this year something happened, I think I realised the reading one was too ambitions so I gave it up. Just added the required data until I could archive it. I think it was about this time I started using instagram for my music and got a bit obsessed. And somehow convinced myself not to put it on my ‘very distracting’ on rescuetime. Instragram started taking up more of my time (and there was the odd relationship issue that lost me a day or two…) and I found I wasn’t keeping up with the writing. Then false data got added… Then the cleaning, and so on.

And on one desperate evening I realised I could also cheat the Rescuetime auto data! (I won’t say how here as people shouldn’t know this…)

So, I’ve basically ruined it for me. I guess this post is more to do with psychology than the app, and more just to have a moan than to find a solution. It was going so well and I’m frustrated that I am where I am.

But I’ll be happy for the good few months I was so productive!

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this is a top-secret blog post, don’t share it outside this thread, okay?
there’s no magic bullet that will remove this new knowledge from your head, but you may be able to grab some productivity back if you find yourself getting lazy again :slight_smile:


Thanks Chelsea, that has made me feel a lot better about my failings! I think once I started seeing everything looking red I became demoralised. I think I’m go back and try easier and fewer goals. Thinking back, I think I had a feeling of greed when continuing to set up new things to mind and not giving myself the week off after derailing. Greed for a more productive self. I guess change takes a little time…


Hi David!
I felt the same last semester! It worked so well for me, and then all of a sudden I set-up the wrong goal and I could not achieve it, and I started to cheat. And it was horrible. And I was so worried that the magic power of beeminder is gone forever. But, it is back! I really deleted and archived all the old goals and just started fresh with more doable goals and the magic is back! Just to give you hope that you can get it back. Good luck.