Road (Editor) Bugs Roundup

So, I got this odd looking road of my nonaps goal:

Exhibit A

Scroll to the right and you see the thick yellow line creeping up from below:

This don’t look right. Pun intended :stuck_out_tongue:

Exhibit B

This is a do-less goal. I’m not a big fan of them in general, but it is what it is. Anyway: what I encircled in the screenshot is, I think, caused by the weekends-off feature. It is supposed to allow me 10 naps over the weekend¹ and correctly, starting on the 9th the road goes up, thus allowing me those additional naps.
But what on earth is the half-plane doing here? It looks like it’s taking a run-up before it bumps the road up. Is it supposed to do that? What is it trying to tell me?

¹ I know, it’s a lot and I don’t even want that many. But I set it to that value when I made the goal and didn’t get around to adjust it down and I guess I could… OK, done. It’s now 5 naps over the weekend.

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@bee you’re the resource on everything half plane, right? Is this (Exhibit B) a bug? Or what is this?

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How do you take more than one nap a day?

I… what? :rofl:
This made my day :smiley:
I go to my bed and pass out, simple as that, lol

Seriously though: Working at my desk on things I don’t want to work on, things that aren’t exciting, I fall asleep real quick. One of the reasons I’m toying with getting a treadmill desk setup :stuck_out_tongue:
And it takes immense willpower to not go to my bed and just flop onto it and pass out. And I can easily do that multiple times a day if the chore is boring enough. It’s a huge huge problem with my goal spiht.
It’s short naps. Like half an hour, one hour, sometimes three hours each. Those are admittedly not so short. Which is why I made that goal, duh.


Thanks @phi! Fix on the way for bug A! For bug B, I’ve grabbed a snapshot of the graph and those dips do look super weird but I’m struggling with what to do with it, how exactly it got that way, etc. If you could create a Proper Bug Report (or defectus demonstrandum, as we now call them, to everyone else in the beehive’s chagrin) for that one you’d be my hero… (especially knowing if the problem is specific to YBHP would be immensely helpful).

Thanks again for the bug reports!

UPDATE: Fix for Bug A is live ( Ideas solicited on repro steps for Bug B. We’re chasing things that seem related and this could come out in the wash but just in case, getting repro steps would be wonderful!

I’m afraid, I can’t provide any more information than what’s in this “non proper” bug report, really. You know as much as I do: The goal name and what the road looks like. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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