Script To Get 7, 30, and 90 avg for a goal

I made a little python program to calculate the average rate at which you’ve been doing a habit for the last 7, 30, and 90 days.

I’m using it to determine how well I’ve been doing on a goal and if I am secure enough to increase it. Eventually I want a program which will slowly auto increment goal rates up to a desired level based on a number of criteria.


Love this! @mary wrote something similar some years ago and called it the autodialer and I’m in love with it and want it to be part of Beeminder proper eventually.


My personal version’s undergone a lot of changes since I put this up (and I probably won’t be able to prioritize a shared version for a little while) but if you’d like to play around with what I used to have, this is the old post about it:


PS - That’s also not something that does the kind of stats stuff that yours does; it’s just the part that dials the road based on an average.