shanaqui's Beeminder Journal: 2024

Opening thoughts:

I kind of expected to be archiving a few goals after doing the review I promised last week, but I ended up deciding on an archive for only one, made another one harder, and created a whole new goal to supplement where I’ve got a little weak around a different goal. More on that below!

New goals:

  • /todyburndown - In looking at my goal for clearing my Tody list, I identified that I’m not happy about my number of lingering household tasks that this goal doesn’t push me to do (because I’ve defined it as “only tasks due today”, and it’s not due absolutely every day). So this goal is going to get me back to zero tasks due on Tody (isolating my backlog), and then the existing goal becomes “must zero” again. This means me taking responsibility for Lisa’s tasks as well, but we got things done better back when I viewed it that way. I’ve started it at 20 tasks, which gives me buffer since I see 17 uncompleted tasks in Tody right now, and I’ve set a fairly arbitrary and generous end-date of March 10th.

Changes to existing goals:

  • /inhaler - In my goal review, I felt this one actually isn’t pushing me hard enough. My rate was around 3/day when I need to take 4/day, meaning it was okay for my compliance to be really bad. I’ve pushed it up to 3.5/day.
  • /healthierchoice - This goal was a nice idea, and helpful to identify some stuff I was doing that was counterproductive. That said, once I created some specific goals that push me to do the kind of thing I meant for this goal to encourage, it began to feel a bit superfluous. So I’m archiving it now.


  • /ironandoj - I procrastinated this one so hard that it felt like it’d be cheating to do it (even though the deadline’s technically midnight), since I’m supposed to take my iron supplements early in the day. So I let it derail, making sure I’d adjusted the respite to 0 so it’d be due the next day.

Closing thoughts:

By this time next week, I want to set up my March goal for New Month’s Resolutions. I’m pretty sure that’ll be my idea for reading scientific papers. I should also post my thoughts about the goal I created for February and any changes I want to make if I’m going to keep it (spoiler: I’m pretty sure I am, at least for now). Maybe I’ll also do an update on my January goal, which I ultimately kept.